Founded in California in 1983, My Gym founders aim to empower youngsters by helping them acquire the skills, confidence, and positive self-image needed to become healthy young adults.

My Gym now reentering into Hong Kong and introduces My Gym Premium, which provides parents not only My Gym program but also a variety of programs such as My Art and My Music.

My Gym Premium are located in retail malls and podiums within luxury condos with healthy and family-friendly lifestyle brands existing in the area. A playground with upgraded equipment and personalized trainers, resting area and nursing room will also be provided.  Also, on-site caregivers will be available for babies that are in need. In addition, parents will receive Parenting news and tips, with informative parental workshops/seminars held to let them stay tuned for the latest parenting topics.

Come and join My Gym Premium now! We look forward to meeting you soon!