Christmas🎅🎅🎅 is in the air!

Thank you for joining our Christmas party🎄🎁 in Sai Wan and Tsuen Wan! Mymo🐵 had a lot of fun with you all and the party would not be awesome without you! Let us look back all the great and interesting activities we have done together❤️! Do you want to have fun...

Happy Birthday Amelie! ❤️

The birthday child is the star⭐ of the show! Amelie is so excited to meet her friends in the Gym Room😍! Have your next celebration at My Gym Premium! There will be lots of games, activities and food! Tell us your favorite party theme now and we will make it true! #MyGymPremium #MyGym #MyGymFun #PartyPackage 

Congratulations Meghan! 🎉

We are so glad to have a simple and warm graduation ceremony for Meghan today❤️! Now it's time for her to be one of the happiest Waddlers on the swing👧🏻! #mygympremium #mygym #swingtime #mygymfun #ExerciseIsFun #TinyTykes #Waddlers #Graduation

Behind the “Tiffany Glass” Window💠

Welcome to MY ART🎨! We are pleased to introduce our Artist of November, one of the most creative designers and painters of 19th century, Louis Tiffany👨🏻‍🎨! As the son of the founder of Tiffany & co.💍, Louis has made significant contributions to not only jewelries📿 but also the art of...

Let’s Build A Tower Together! 👷🏻‍♀️

Wow! Little Builders reported to My Gym Premium Sai Wan for a special task! Inspired by the famous buildings around the world, our Little Builder is going to build a tower together! As a start, they study hard with our trainers on the construction elements first, such as walls,...

Hi Hi How Do You Do👋🏻

Welcome to My Gym Premium! When Hi Hi Song is on, its time to start the fun🤼‍♂️! In our fun play time, professional trainers are always there to ensure the safety of the exercises and guide your little one to try the equipments and learn new skills👀! If you...

We got Christmas surprise!😲

Thank you Jerome for the lovely card and present🎁 for Christmas this year! Will always remind us your happy face when raising your hand for a high-five! #MyGymPremium #MyGym #MyGymFun #Christmas