LITLLE BUILDER is arriving My Gym Premium!

Little Builder (LEGO® Education Afterschool Programs) is finally arriving to My Gym Premium. “Choo Choo”….. The well expected LEGO® train is finally arriving to My Gym Premium (Sai Wan) ! New set of classes will be launched starting from October 2019. Want to have some LEGO® fun with Mymo and...

於生活融入藝術氣息!My Art at Home!

An hour a week at My Art is never enough for the little ones to set free their creativity and imagination🗯? How about making use of the artworks to light up your living room? Let their imaginations go wild, sprinkle more guidance and encouragement for the little minds to...

It’s a Colourful World~ My Gym Premium七彩繽紛嘅世界!

Did you know that children are extra sensitive💥 to the changing surroundings? 👀✨🔍 That’s why we decorated our My Gym classroom with a 🔧 new and exciting color scheme 🎨 ! Colours can stimulate and inspire the little minds💡📚! At young age, toddlers are learning to identify colors through...

Little Art Gallery Time 小小藝術課🎨

Little Art Gallery time🎨 Through talking about the process and inspiration of their artwork, our Senior Arties exercise their public speaking skills🎤 and appreciate for each other's work🖼🎭 小小藝術課🎨 係透過制作過程同靈感分享,鍛鍊小朋友既演講技巧🎤同互相欣賞彼此藝術作品🖼🎭既最佳機會!😉

Meet your new friends at our Crab Swing! 快啲過嚟睇下我地玩鞦韆啦!

🌟Meet your new friends at our Crab Swing! It's great for balance and spatial awareness! 🌟快啲過嚟睇下我地玩🦀鞦韆啦! 「搖晃」唔單止可以幫助前庭發展既平衡感同空間感,仲可以識到新朋友仔👭👬㖭! #mygympremium #mygym #swingtime #mygymfun #mygympremiumsw#mygympremiumweekend #mygymswings

Fun @ Weekend 😄 週末開心活動😄

🎊 Wow! It's time for our Sat gym fun! 😄We practiced our upper body strength on our hanging rope 💪🏻💪🏻, coordination on our rock wall, and balance on our rocking boat! #MyGymPremiumSW Join us to learn while having loads of fun together 🤸‍♂🏋‍♀! 🎊 WOW ! 又嚟到可以同爹地媽咪一齊去坃嘅星期六喇 ! 今次我好叻叻 😄 鍛鍊咗我強而有力嘅臂彎💪🏻💪🏻 仲唔快啲帶埋朋友仔一齊玩🤸‍♂🏋‍♀ #MyGymPremium #MyGym #MyArt #WeekendFun #ChildDevelop #PlayGroup #LearnWithFun #FunWithLearn #BabiesGym #BabiesFitness #MyGymPremiumSW  #MyGymPremiumTW #MyGymPremiumTKO

It’s STORY TIME! Trainer Sally既故事時間

It's STORY TIME with Trainer Sally📚 Did you know that puppet shows can help children with their visual tracking while learning new vocabularies? This story about Rocky the Raccoon🐻, join our class now and see what Rocky does when he gets hungry😖! Trainer Sally既故事時間📚 大家知唔知道木偶劇可以幫助小朋友學習新詞彙同埋視覺跟踪呢? 快啲嚟參加我地既課堂一齊嚟聽下浣熊🐻Rocky肚餓😖時候,會有咩表現啦!