My Gym Premium Tsuen Wan

Shops 3108-3111, 3/F, OP Mall, 100 Tai Ho Road., Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong
Tel/Whatsapp: +852 61330309

We have a selection of course packages which are well designed to fulfill the different needs of parents and children. Please contact our Reception for more details.

All trainers in our Centre have taken an intensive training course which is specially designed for teaching My Gym programs.

According to our policy, an adult is required to stay and take care of their child during their time at My Gym Premium, therefore, we are not held liable for any injuries sustained by the child that happens in our centre.

Parents are provided with assessment reports when your child has joined our classes for over 6 months. Upon completion of a course, the member will receive a certificate from My Gym Premium.

Sai Wan: Bohemian House
There are several parking facilities available nearby. 
Wilson Parking has facilities at Wah Ming Centre and On Park Parking located at Ka On Street.
The area in front of the building on Des Voeux Road is only for quick drop-offs and pick-ups.

Wah Ming Center

Ka On Street On Park Parking

Tsuen Wan: OP Mall
Parking is available within the mall premises.

Tseung Kwan O: Ocean Popwalk
Parking is available within the mall premises.

All classes are conducted in English.

We have a standard policy for fire evacuation, emergency or sickness in place and is available at the Reception.

Photographing or video shooting is strictly prohibited during the class. In our My Art program, you are welcomed to take photos of your children and creations during the Snapshot Time. Our trainers will be taking group photos for everyone as well during this time.

We encourage parents to turn off or switch your phones to silent mode during class as phone calls can interrupt the class’ operation and become a distraction to children’s learning. If you really need to make a phone call, please leave the classroom but ensure that another adult is accompanying your child if it is an accompanied class.