My Art is a hands-on, active discovery, and exploration visual arts program. Our creative and embracing trainers inspire young artists to immerse in learning, creating, and appreciating their own art plus the work of others – sometimes getting messy but always having a blast! Children will be exploring different themes each week as they focus on an art element, medium, style, technique, famous artist, or culture. From print making to sculpting, My Art aims to cultivate children’s appreciation for art and artistic sense in their early years with our rich, multicultural program.

My Art encourages a love for art, learning, and innovation in our classrooms. We embrace “process art”, which simply means that children learn best as they explore different art materials, and the creative processes of taking ideas from within and bringing them into existence.

My Art offers classes based on the following age groups with specific learning goals for each stage:


Developmental Goals:

  • Recognising Colours, Shapes& Textures
  • Following Instructions
  • Use of Fine Motor Skills with Tools
  • Art Appreciation

This special parent-child class is highly recommended for toddlers to experience their first art class. The Junior Arties class aims to develop young artist’s sensory skills as well as fine and gross motor skills. Children learn about colors, textures and more while observing and experimenting with new, engaging materials. On top of artistic skills, children acquire new vocabulary when learning about different topics, techniques, and art elements. Our young artists practice their social and communication skills as they work in a creative space together and learn to appreciate each other’s creations.


Developmental Goals:

  • Planning & Problem Solving
  • Communication & Presentation Skills
  • Self Discipline & Regulations
  • Peer Interaction and Teamwork

Children at this stage are encouraged to use their imaginations to plan and create their art work. Their self-discipline and social skills are put to the test as this is an independent class. Senior Arties gleefully create their own masterpieces using a wide range of quality art materials. Young artists develop skills important for school success such as fine motor skills, language, cognitive skills and the ability to listen and follow directions in our creative environment. Parents are invited to share the joy of our young artists’ creative processes and products at the end of class where Senior Arties present their work!