My Gym is an award-winning children fitness program that uses motor based exercises to help children acquire the skills, confidence, and positive self-image needed to become healthy young adults. My Gym children gain muscle strength, balance, coordination, fine and gross motor proficiency, agility, flexibility, and social skills, all of which set a firm foundation for executive functioning and cultivates a resilient attitude towards their path to success. With our state-of-the-art facilities, structured classes, and parent seminars, we nurture children holistically through games, songs, dances, tumbling, exercises, introduction to sports and gymnastics, storytelling with puppets, and unique swings and rides. In accordance with child development research, My Gym offers classes based on the following age groups with specific learning goals for each stage:


Developmental Goals:

  • Sensory Development
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Rolling
  • Sitting

Our youngest My Gym babies begin their first visual, audial and spatial exploration as our precious Little Bundles, while their parents are guided through a program designed to carefully introduce music and movement in a variety of fun ways.
Baby exercises, songs, dances, infant-safe rides, unique swings, and many other Parent & Me adventures await the infant-parent team. This fun and movement class also includes a brief parent discussion element. Each week, during this 45-minute class, parents participate in a dialogue about their babies’ development and create precious memories with their Little Bundles while exercising!


Developmental Goals:

  • Balancing
  • Crawling & First Step
  • Babbling & First Word
  • Social Skills

As the babies gain hand, arm and trunk control and become mobile, we introduce new and stimulating activities. Our Tiny Tykes and their caregivers are led through a variety of beginning stretches, exercises, infant songs and dances, baby-safe rides and adventures, balance and agility skills, and introductory tumbling during this 45-minute program. Our experienced trainers are sensitive to the strong emotional attachment these little ones are developing with their caregivers, and each parent/baby unit is nurtured according to their specific needs. A relationship to movement and physical activity begins to develop, as our Tiny Tykes discover their natural abilities and enhance their physical and cognitive development.


Developmental Goals:

  • Balancing
  • Walking
  • Simple Words Production
  • Social Skills

At this age, a child’s level of independent mobility will typically progress from aggressive crawling to running. This stimulating 1-hour program introduces balancing, tumbling, hanging and agility skills, which helps the children develop a love for physical activities and a sense of pride in their achievements. Additional fine and gross motor skills developed during this stage include kicking a ball, building a block tower, riding a tricycle, and walking up stairs. Our highly qualified trainers shower the children with affection, as they guide our Waddlers in early social skills through interactive songs, choreographed dances, age-specific puppet shows, special rides, and a variety of swings and other original activities.


Developmental Goals:

  • Coordination & Running
  • Discipline & Following Direction
  • Language & Communication
  • Social & Confidence

This is the earliest age group with which we work on fine and gross manipulatives in a structured format, as the 2 to 2 ½ -year-olds’ attention span grows, allowing the child to focus for longer periods of time. The gross motor abilities of early 2-year-olds are often characterized by more confident running, jumping on two feet, and an overall improved spatial awareness of their bodies. During this 1-hour program, the youngsters are elated as they sing, dance, swing, play games, watch puppet shows, take turns on special rides, and have “Surprise Time!” Our Gymsters feel great about themselves as they learn gymnastics in a constantly changing program with fresh ingredients and new equipment setups each week.


Developmental Goals:

  • Balancing
  • Coordination
  • Agility
  • Self Discipline
  • Independence
  • Social & Confidence
  • School Readiness

In this age group, teaching physical skills is a top priority. During this 1-hour program, the development of social skills is also emphasized, as the youngsters become good listeners, follow directions, cooperate in a group, and learn more about themselves. The youngsters become more independent as trainers are now interacting more directly with them. In addition to having fun with structured games, fascinating Adventures, and pre-gymnastics, our Terrific Tots learn beginner sports skills, gain fine and gross motor proficiency, and strengthen manipulative skills. Parental involvement is gradually decreased through inviting activities with love and understanding, and the children exude pride and self-esteem as they are treated like “big kids.”


Developmental Goals:

  • Basic Sports Skills
  • Self Discipline & Independence
  • Social Skills & Confidence
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership

Sensitive to peer pressure, these 3-year-olds are nurtured so tenderly and always with a success-oriented approach. Relays, more complex games, and beginning sports skills lead to increased strength, enhanced manipulative ability, and improved hand-eye coordination during this 1-hour program. Strength, flexibility, and agility are increased, as our teachers introduce gymnastic skills with the safest spotting techniques and communication through language geared to build self-esteem and confidence. With greater independence comes the ability to participate without the parent, and our Mighty Mites are lavished with positive reinforcement for self-reliance and following directions.


Developmental Goals:

  • Overall Fitness
  • Advanced Sports Skills
  • Basic Advanced Gymnastics
  • Social & Confidence
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership & Sportsmanship

These children are now ready to refine and master basic gross motor skills such as running, jumping, hopping, skipping, throwing, kicking and catching. Designed to prepare a child for group sports and instil a sense of confidence in connection with physical activity, our Whiz Kids program emphasizes each of these important skills. Our Whiz Kids are showered with praise as they develop perseverance and self-control. The children build strength, balance, agility, flexibility and coordination in this 1-hour program, as our trainers maintain a positive, supportive and non-competitive atmosphere.